Eagle Peaks and The Governor – part 2

Hi all,

I have had the phone fixed, and obtained some pictures from the recent trip where I activated Eagle Peaks VK3/VE-045 and The Governor VK3/VE-046. The earlier post can be found here.

On the way out, there were some good views of the south side of Mt Buller, which still good, but softening, snow cover. The picture was taken in early dusk.
Mt Buller southern side

I activated Eagle Peaks, but it was dark by the time I arrived there. Here was a look at the summit the following morning:
Eagle Peaks summit

On the way to The Governor, I headed down to Lickhole Gap. I was amazed at the amount of trees that had come down in recent months. This was a bit of a theme throughout this trip:
Fallen trees at Lickmore Gap

I eventually made it to The Governor. The first picture here shows the summit, including part of the end-fed antenna. The second picture was taken from a nearby knoll. At that stage, the clouds had lifted a little, allowing photos of more distant objects.
The Governor summit, activating with an end-fed for 20 and 40.

Snow on the southern side of The Governor

Hope you enjoy the pics. 73, Regards Wayne VK3WAM

Quick note: The correct spelling of VK3/VE-046 is The Governor, not The Govenor, so it is spelt as one would initially expect.