Mt Oberon VK3/VT-060

Hi all,

After my recent Sealers Cove trip, I was keen to at least sneak a bit of Summits on the Air in, and with us returning by lunchtime to the carpark at Telegraph Saddle, Mt Oberon VK3/VT-060 awaits.

The trip up from the carpark is easy going on a well made jeep track (management vehicle only). It’s a steady climb that does not get too steep. I headed up at a steady walking pace and it took about 40 minutes to get to the summit. The last bit is on steps to climb up the summit rock face. It’s been enchanced with ladders and platforms for many years now.

The views from Oberon are as good as always:

Looking NW from Mt Oberon VK3/VT-060

Looking NW from Mt Oberon VK3/VT-060

The clouds did obscure Mt Latrobe and Mt Wilson. Still looking forward to getting to those more challenging summits one day….

I activated Mt Oberon using the random wire – but I upgraded it to include two 1/4 wave counterpoises for 40m. Tuning results are much better on 40 than they used to be – it was very marginal at times, and the only semi-acceptable operating point tended to be above 7.2 – so I would settle for the top of the band around 7.28 to 7.29 Now, it seems to like most of 40m, from about 7.1 to 7.3 with SWRs below 1.2 The bottom part of the band (which is the standard CW operating area) is more acceptable with SWRs in the high 1s. I can live with that, so perhaps I won’t now be seen operating my KX1 rig up at 7.283 as often as I used to.

It was only a short time operating before the family made it to the summit and I pulled the antenna down and joined them. Still a nice time up at Oberon, it had been many years since I had been up here.

73, Regards, Wayne VK3WAM

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