Sealers Cove camping

Hi all,

I’ve been to Sealers many times – first time as a Grade 6er on a family trip to the Prom.

In March of 2011, there was a major rain event at the Prom, where about 300mm of rain fell in 24 hours. Much of the Prom was then closed, and the Sealers Cove track was closed for around 2 years. This was my first look at this track after the rain event. I had been in other parts of the prom and had seen creek beds gorged out, so I was expecting some interesting sights.

A good deal of the track had to be rebuilt. This is a look at the switchback section west of Windy Saddle:

Sealers Cove track at the switchback

Sealers Cove track at the switchback

The top soil was all cleaned away, back to the bare rock. Further down the hill, it looked like about 5m of soil had been removed.

The old Ferny Glade does not exist. The track was rerouted about 150m downstream from the old site, but there is no point going there – what remains of it can be seen from where the track now crosses the creek. The whole site slid down the hill. A big gully of about 10m of soil was removed. The track now heads down to the creek and then climbs on steps back out again to rejoin the old track.

Sealers Cove itself is as beautiful as always:

Sealers Cove beach

Sealers Cove beach

We crossed the creek at low tide, I was able to walk through the river without taking my boots off, and my feet remained dry.

We had time to head up to the lookouts near Horn Point. With the clouds coming in over the Cathedral Range, it looked quite wild. The Prom can be moody!

Clouds over the Cathedral from near Horn Point

Clouds over the Cathedral from near Horn Point

We stayed overnight in the Sealers camp site, and headed back towards the Telegraph Saddle carpark. This time we crossed the creek about halfway between low and high tide. The crossing was about 70cm deep. I would estimate it gets up to about 1.5m at high tide – you would have to either wait or float the packs across.

All in all, a nice 2 day trip for the family – and I then got to go up Mt Oberon for a little bit of Summits on the Air.

Regards, Wayne

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