Activation of Rocky Peak VK3/VN-009

Hi all,

It’s been a little while since this activation, as I came back from this trip and headed off on another, but here goes.

Rocky Peak is a smaller summit in the Eildon National Park, between Jerusalem Creek and the Big River, south of Lake Eildon. I was in the area, camping for a few days on the Rubicon River and thought I might be able to sneak away for a little bit of SOTA action one morning. I had already activated most summits in this region, but a few around Lake Eildon remained unactivated. It’s always a good thing to add a new fresh summit to the unique SOTA summit activation score.

Rocky Peak VK3/VN-009 can be accessed from the Eildon Jameson Rd, before Torbreck Station. The road basically winds its way around Mt Torbreck, on the lower slopes and then hits flatter ground. After one track on the left and on the right, Taylors Creek track (at ref 102659) to take is on the left. Forest Explorer marks this as a 4WD track, but it is quite passable in a 2WD. I had planned to walk the track, but was able to keep driving up. The track goes over a water course and then climbs the western slopes of Rocky Peak. going up to the junction with the Pinnacle Track at 115677. Turning right to remain on Taylors Creek track, the road continues to be passable in a 2WD, in dry conditions, and I proceeded up to 124667, where I parked the car.

It was a shortish climb up to a nearby high point to the north of this point, and then I picked up some red flagging tape and a faint walking pad that made its way up to the summit along the ridge line. It was fairly easy going, but one thing to watch out for is some sharp grass near where I parked the car. I was wearing shorts and got a number of remarks later about cuts to my knees. Might be a good idea to wear long pants on this summit.

Here are some pics from the summit:

View of Big River Arm of Lake Eildon from Rocky Peak

View of Big River Arm of Lake Eildon

View of Jerusalem Creek from Rocky Peak

Jerusalem Creek from Rocky Peak

Here is a look at the operating location, with the FT-817 positioned on a rock:

Operating gear at Rocky Peak

Operating gear at Rocky Peak

I managed to get to the summit shortly before 11am, which is midnight UTC. Peter VK3PF was operating on VK3/VE-093 as part of an extensive post Christmas SOTA trip, so this convinced me to operate both sides of UTC, and now spoil my 100% unique activation, by having two full activations, one each side of UTC midnight. No extra activation points for me, but it did mean I picked up the chasing points twice. I think we might see a lot more of this come February and onwards when the new SOTA S2S award gets started.

All in all, not a bad morning, and it was back to the family to enjoy camping for the rest of the day.

Regards, Wayne VK3WAM

One comment on “Activation of Rocky Peak VK3/VN-009

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