SOTA Activation VK3/VS-016 Mt Gorrin

Hi all,

Another trip to not so sunny Ararat, another activation somewhere nearby. This time, Mt Gorrin. I don’t mind the SOTA rule that only allows activators to claim points only once a year – it acts as an encouragement to activate different hills.

Mt Gorrin is part of the Langi Ghiran and is located in said state park. It is to the south of the main summit with a saddle directly between them. I parked the car on a minor track, which is still ok for 2wd. It is located to the west of Mt Gorrin. There is a walking track that starts off heading north of here, and then swings to the east. This is me on the ascent.

Wayne Merry on the ascent

The track can be followed to a point near the north-norwest of the summit. From here, it is mostly easy going heading southwards. There is another saddle south west of the summit, about 50m vertical height below the top. This can be reached going up the watercourse to the north west of this saddle. Directly north of the summit itself are cliffs.

Here is looking from the summit north to Langi Ghiran, site of my only QRP SSB activation into the EU:

Mt Langi Ghiran

Looking east from the summit towards Mt Buangor and Mt Cole:

East towards Mt Buangor from Mt Gorrin

I operated for nearly 2 hours from a little west from the summit, about 5 metres down. I found a little enclosed on 3 1/2 sides operating location to get out of the quite cold wind. It did not save me from the showers that came from time to time:

Operating location on VK3/VS-016

And here is the trusty antenna, using the Ugly Balun:

Antenna at VK3/VS-016

I have noticed that I can have some difficulty tuning 40m with a very short coax into the ugly balun. Connecting directly or with a longer coax run do not have difficulty. Interesting one.

The activation was during the ILLW weekend, so there were many CQing stations, but high power stations answering their calls. I would rather work SOTA chasers. I worked two local regulars, VK3HRA and VK3PF, and after no further joy, went over to 20m CW, where I worked a further eight unique stations.

All in all, a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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